"The Natural World has always been a source of inspiration. Her work is predominantly based on our connections with it, considering what nurtures and grounds us. In a fast developing and heavily technology-based world we find ourselves living in, it is easy to become disconnected to the beauty that surrounds us."

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Laura is a multi-disciplinary artist, graduating with First Class Honors in 2017, studying Illustration & Visual Communication BA at University of Westminster. Originally from a rural village in Norfolk, her love for nature flourished and this appreciation translates through all her work.


 In a cosmic palette full of layers, intricate cuttings and careful composition, Laura has a diverse range of creative skills. Creating fibre art installations, large-scale painted murals and sculpting unique cut paper creations. She has worked on digital design projects, working with Theatre Maker + Writer Poppy Peddar, and the independent Art school in North West London, Mini Picassos.

Laura always enjoys interchanging and exploring different disciplines on ambitious projects. Inspired by the ornate era of the Arts and Crafts movement, appreciating the handmade and decorative. The truly breath-taking patterns and details from Art Nouveau and it's links with the Psychedelic era. Laura takes the motivations and passion that formed these movements, creating work for the love of the process, the beauty of nature based on her personal experiences, living in a world very different to the era that inspires her.

With her love for working with paper and collecting found objects, she creates nostalgic and emotive work, to inspire an awakening. To look at small details and miracles that happen all around us, to build a stronger relationship with Nature. Working digitally, Laura enjoys delving into surreal and dream-like landscapes, juxtaposing a relationship between nature and space. Inspired by the sheer vastness of Space and the Space Age era, Laura enjoys learning about Astrology and Astronomy and their parallels.

Laura works from her home studio, based in Leicester.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.